【Graphic】how to start the first account! Apply to English (en) users.

1、Click into the "Voucher Input"。

2、Start the "Voucher Input" 。

  1. The date of importation of empty or 0 is the "Opening" of data.
  2. Voucher, for any characters, can neither be empty nor more than 24 bytes.
  3. Abstract can not be chosen.
  4. Remark also can not be filled.
  5. If your browser supports JavaScript, click on the "Add a line" then you can enter the same token number of data.
Mr Wang

王炜,现在福建泉州从事 B2C 电子商务。爱好编程,业余时间在 FreeBSD / Apache / PHP / PostgerSQL 平台开发 B/S 架构的免费软件。

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